Delta Omega Kappa


Sister of the Year

Congratulations to Jacqueline Roussos for being "Sister of the Year"!

Hometown Pittsburg, PA 

Major Health Sciences, Pre-PT
What do you like most about DOK? I love the sense of sisterhood we all have! It is so refreshing to see women constantly build each other up and support each other through both the highs and lows.
What is your best memory with DOK? There are too many to pick from! But probably getting my DOK family, giving out bids on bid day or initiating new sisters every semester.
What is your favorite Ohio State tradition? CARMEN! I love our Alma Mater and I love that we sing it after every sporting event no matter if we win or lose! I get chills every time.
Fun Fact  In addition to being involved in DOK, I also got the opportunity to be a University Ambassador and give campus tours to high school students during my time at Ohio State! I have given 125 total!