Delta Omega Kappa



Why Join DOK?

Delta Omega Kappa, DOK for short, is the only pre-health sorority at Ohio State. We are registered as an academic organization with the university, which is the primary difference between us and the national sororities over on Greek row. Academics come first and we have many ways in which we ensure your success with anything from study tables to extra tutoring to simply having many friends in your classes to help you through.

Our second pillar after academics is philanthropy. We all participate in a few sponsored philanthropy events each semester and many girls pursue their own volunteer activities as well. This is a great way to double up on your leadership opportunities and get more people involved in your humanitarian passions.

Our third pillar is sisterhood! It may sound cheesy, but we make it a point to have a lot of fun. Our sisterhood events include ice skating, going to Blue Jackets games, and going to studios to paint, among other things! Besides our sisterhood events, we also have social events, such as date parties and formal. We maintain a great mix of academic and social activities.

How do I Join DOK?

Our Rush is informal and always tons of fun! We invite all health related majors to our Fall and Spring Rush events. Each of these events will introduce you to our sorority and all of our current active members. We will have food, games, tours, etc. This is just a casual way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know DOK. We would like you to attend all events, if possible! 

Spring 2022 Recruitment Information:
Spring Recruitment is coming up from January 30th- February 5th! 
Please sign up using the link in our Instagram bio by January 29th to attend!

Email with any questions!