Delta Omega Kappa


History of DOK

In the Autumn of 1980, Delta Omega Kappa was just a dream--an idea in the mind of a freshman pre-med student. No one had ever attempted anything like it before. Would a pre-med sorority actually work? With dedication and determination, Betsy Von Koschembar decided to put her thoughts into action. Spending days stuffing envelopes, Betsy contacted other young women in pre-med classes at The Ohio State University explaining her idea, plans, and discussing the possibilities that this type of sorority had.

A first meeting was arranged, and on February 19, 1981, nine ambitious students met in the lobby of Taylor Tower for the first time. That evening, nine girls were in attendance and they voted on the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. A committee was also appointed and given the task of writing the constitution, which included the sorority objective, membership requirements, sorority expectations, rules, and regulations. Then on March 12, 1981, the constitution was adopted and Delta Omega Kappa was chosen as the official name.  

On May 21, 1981 Delta Omega Kappa met with an enthusiastic professor, Dr. Ackermann-Brown (the sorority‚Äôs first adviser), and after much discussion, the white dove and white daisy were chosen as the official mascot and flower. With this completed, the crest was designed to include these symbols of DOK.  Five days later, at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 26, 1981, Delta Omega Kappa was officially registered and recognized by The Ohio State University.

So far the sorority has grown from those 9 girls to a group of over 90 girls with majors ranging from Speech and Hearing Science to Nursing, pre-med, and more.  What makes our sorority unique from others on campus is that all of us are pre-health majors just as the 9 girls were back in 1981.  Today, we remember our founding sisters traditions and value all of their hard work building the foundation for our sorority as we continue to build upon it today.